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Tile of public bath in Yamashiro Spa

As for the hot spring resort of Edo period, the public bath became a center and the town was made.
This public bath is said, "Souyu", and a surrounding street is said, "Yu no Gawa". Original scenery of the hot spring remains in Yamashiro Spa now, and the hot spring culture of Japan is passed on correctly.
A new public bath was completed in August, 2009.
A handmade tile by 30 artists was adopted on the wall in the bathroom.
A horizontal tile is also handmade.
There are different works in the men's bath and the ladies' bath, and it can enjoy a variegated design of a handmade tile.
There is a stamp of "A I U E O (Japanese syllabary)" in a horizontal tile in some places.
This stamp is connected to Monk Myokaku (researcher of the Sanskrit study) that has a big influence on 50 sound array of Japan.
Tile of old style public bath in Yamashiro Spa

Continuing to the public bath and having completed it are "Ko-Souyu (old style public bath) "
The public bath of the Meiji era is restored, and it can enjoy not only externals and the interior but also the bathing methods by atmosphere at that time.
The wall of the wipe lacquer, the tile of the Kutani ware, and the stained glass, are reproduced in this public bath.
The bathroom tile is what the ceramic artist of the Kutani ware made it from the hand.
You learn the design and the style at the Meiji era.
Price list
Age More than 12 From 6 to 11 From 3 to 5 To 2
 Old style public bath \500 \200 \100 Free
 Public bath \420 \130 \50
 Both use \700 \250 \120
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Official gift of Nenrin-pic Ishikawa 2010

The 23rd healthy welfare festival was held in Ishikawa Prefecture from 9 to 12 in October, 2010.
"Kutani ware magnet" of this union was adopted as this official gift, and 600 sets (1200 pieces) were produced.
This is all handmade.
The card and the recipe can be pasted to a white board and the refrigerator.
If two pieces are matched, it becomes a card stand.
A strong neodymium magnet is bonded on the reverse.
A magnet of the same shape without the logo can be bought by the following.

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